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Every one of us is on a unique walk of life.

We don’t know what life has prepared for us and when we look back, we might think what we could have done better. Some people just accept what life throws at them. Others go out of their way to find happiness and satisfaction or whatever it is that they are looking for.

I am one of those people who always strives for more in life.

Hi, my name is Gordana Ross and I am a healthy, happy and fun loving person. I can say that I finally found my calling. I am grateful for what life has to offer me.

Being a Health and Life Coach is what I want to do and breathe for the next few decades. That’s how much I love what I do.

It hasn’t always been this way.

Not long ago, I thought that I could never get over my negative way of thinking (the glass half empty / half full kind of situation). As the oldest of three girls from a working class family, life wasn’t always easy. I was brought up in a country where you live to work rather than the other way around. Qualifications meant everything. Testimonials from previous work places had to be outstanding in order to secure a good job. And the competition never sleeps.

For years I lived under enormous pressure, wanting to excel at work. I totally neglected my health and wellbeing and lived for my jobs and my holidays. Nevertheless, I was always in search for something greater, something that would finally make me happy. It wasn’t so much the money, or having lots of it, that was my driving force. It was the freedom to do what I want, to be where I want to be and to live the life I always dreamed about. I created a vision for myself but it almost seemed impossible to reach my goals. I was constantly living in fear of failing – at work, in relationships and with money.

That fear prevented me from achieving my goals. I was afraid to be ‘too good’ at work. I thought it might upset my work colleagues. I always tried to please my friends because I was afraid I’d lose them if I wasn’t the kind of friend they wanted.


Many years of extremely hard work and ambition resulted in well paid jobs in marketing, PR, project and event management. It enabled me to travel the world. Travelling is one of my greatest passions in life. I spent a great amount of time living my dream while travelling and discovering foreign places and cultures. But I still didn’t feel like I lived an abundant life.

Sadly, the constant stress and pressure took its toll on my health. I developed several stress related illnesses that made my life a living hell. With no other option available at that time, I kept going.  I was on my own.

To cut a long story short – I wasted many years ignoring the signs of health neglect. I never seemed to have found time for self-care until I collapsed. I reached rock bottom – I had burnout! That’s when I had my ‘aha’ moment.

I realized that I had to change my life profoundly in order to get better.

First of all, I had to learn to relax, de-stress and to love myself. Not an easy task, I can tell you, because I didn’t know how. I didn’t have anyone who would motivate me and who would stretch me. No one who’d get me out of my comfort zone.

Extensive research in the field of health and nutrition led to me signing up for a course to become a nutritional adviser. Soon I realized that I wanted to go more in depth and help people to figure out what is stopping them from leading a healthy lifestyle. If I can help them, they wouldn’t have to go through what I went through. Advising people on nutrition alone didn’t satisfy me so I decided to become a health & wellbeing coach (Health Coach Institute).

This change of career turned out to be the best decision I ever made. My studies have taught me so much. They taught me not only about nutrition and health in general, but also about myself, my body, mind and spirit.  Mindfulness and mindful meditation were also part of my personal development as well as how to take care of myself.


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I love my new calling so much that I decided to enrol in another coaching course, the Robbins Madanes Core100 Strategic Intervention training. This training is based on coaching practices by Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark and Magali Peysha.

During my studies I’ve learned about the power of gratitude, how to live life to the fullest and how to be the best version of myself. But most importantly, I learned that I don’t have to walk all of my life journey on my own. It is okay to accept help from time to time in order to get that little bit further, faster.

We all need support, motivation and accountability.

That’s why I decided to become a health and life coach. I want to share my knowledge and experience with others and I want to help people who have the desire to make changes in their lives that last.

My mission is to help women transform their lives so that they can thrive emotionally, mentally and physically.

I want them to fall in love with themselves and to feel empowered to take their life into their own hands.

We don’t have to accept the way ‘things’ are. We can make a decision to work on our personal growth and development in order to achieve greater things in life and to live our lives the way we’re meant to – in abundance, love and joy.

Feeling inspired? Don’t wait to see if your new year’s resolutions will be successful – they usually won’t.

Take action today and take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself.