Double Your Energy

Double Your Energy Blueprint

A fabulous 12-week one-to-one experience with rewarding results for those who are serious about making changes to their health and well-being! You will Double Your Energy with small action steps, lots of fun and an open mind.

You will discover what foods give and take away energy. You will experience how to release tension and reduce stress while working on your mindset.

This program is designed for busy women who don’t have much time to do all the research and studies on their own. Give yourself into this life changing experience and step into your full potential.

What’s included in this programme?

In this 12 week programme, you will receive 12 one-to-one sessions which will include the following:

Identify what your ultimate health goals are

Uncover what’s stopping you from achieving your goals

Identify your motivating factors and how you can use them to keep you motivated throughout the process

You’ll learn to incorporate gratitude into your life

Establish what relaxationtechniques are most suitable for you

Identify which foods are giving you energy and which aren’t

Establish a positive mindset while gruding you through the transformation process

Practising those new ways every day to create new habits that last

What will I get out of it?

After completing the Double Your Energy Blueprint you will be able to:

Create a balance between work, family and personal values

Getting rid of that foggy brain, start making better and clearer decisions and increase productivity at work

Reduce psychological stress, anxiety and worries naturally, without drugs and learn to handle stressful situations

Improve your sleep quality

Enhance your ability to set boundaries

Stand up for what you believe in

And much more…

Give me 50 minutes of your time and I’ll give you 2 hours of more productivity!

All coaching sessions will take place online (Skype, Zoom or similar) or over the phone which allows me to work with clients globally. However, if you live locally or within the catchment area and you prefer face to face sessions, this can also be arranged.

For further information about any of my programmes please get in touch with me or book your one hour TOTAL ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH Session.

In addition to the existing programmes, I also offer bespoke options for more tailored needs.

Please contact me to discuss further.

Everything is possible!