Anna F.


“The THE PEAK ENERGY EXPERIENCE programme is amazing! I have not only released over 10 kg in less than 3 months, I also burned body fat and doubled my energy. My life has changed completely and I now shop and eat more mindfully. I sleep much better and I can finally fit into that lovely dress again! The support given by Gordana was extraordinary. I’m so happy with the way I look and feel, and I can highly recommend this programme to those who want real and lasting results.”

Csilla A.


“In THE PEAK ENERGY EXPERIENCE I learned so much about myself, my body and about nutrition. I like the fact that this is not a diet programme and I never had to be hungry AT ALL! Gordana has a great way to motivate people which helped me through tough times. What amazes me is how much my body responds to my new lifestyle. I sleep better, I have more energy and I dropped two dress sizes! I feel so energized like I haven’t felt like this for a long long time. Being in a group programme allowed me to share my experiences with other, like-minded people which definitely helped to stay on track. Thank you Gordana for making me last to the very end.”

Inna R.


“I can’t believe I lasted all the way to the end of the THE PEAK ENERGY EXPERIENCE group coaching programme. This is the first time I actually enjoyed making changes to my lifestyle – I even quit smoking! This has never happened before. The best thing was that I never had to be hungry and that’s a BIG issue for me, having been on diets where I was restricted to 500 calories a day! This programme is the best non-diet programme I’ve ever done! And Gordana made it easy for me to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing. I will definitely recommend this programme to my colleagues, family and friends.”

Allison A.

United Kingdom

“After years of trying different types of diets I decided that I needed a different approach to get my eating habits and weight to an acceptable and healthy level. I hired Gordana to coach me on this and to keep me focused on my goals which were kept at the forefront of my mind throughout the time I spent with her. While working with Gordana I learned about which foods gave me energy and which took it away. Her knowledge in nutrition and her gentle coaching style helped me move towards healthier food options of which my family also benefits. I also increased my physical activities and committed to our agreed plan. Furthermore, I learned that little changes can make a big difference and when Gordana encouraged me to do these I was delighted with the results. There is no such thing as a quick fix if you want it to last. Her recommendations and supportive manner led to habit changes that last. I’m now content with myself and I’m very grateful for where I am in my life. I would not hesitate to recommend Gordana as a health coach.”

Kelly T.

United Kingdom

“Working with Gordana on the 90 day one-to-one coaching programme has enabled me to achieve a major breakthrough in my mental and physical health.  I started out with a goal of wanting to lose weight, which has been my goal for many years!  I felt like I was stuck in a rut and I was looking for support to help me make some lasting changes.  When I read about the Rise to Health coaching programme I was hopeful that it might finally be the catalyst I was searching for.  Through Gordana’s coaching programme, she has supported me to focus on making small, achievable changes each week.  With her enthusiasm, encouragement and insightful questioning, she has helped me to delve deeply and realise why I have been ‘stuck’ for so long and more importantly, she has given me the tools to start moving forward.  The programme and Gordana have both been a revelation and I cannot recommend Rise to Health Coaching enough!”

Jessica S.


“I have had the privilege of working with Gordana as my Health Coach. She has provided clarity in moments where I felt stuck, her coaching methods are sincere and always encouraging. If you are interested in working with a Health Coach that has a background in Nutritional Therapy I highly recommend checking out Rise to Health Coaching with Gordana.”

Jackie H.

United Kingdom

“After just 4 one-to-one sessions with Gordana I no longer have cravings for snacking on biscuits and chocolate throughout the day. I have lost 5lbs, feel more energized and have taken control of my diet and food choices. I’m exploring new foods and there’s no more feeling sluggish or afternoon slumps. Even my family is enjoying the new recipes! What a great experience this journey has been so far.”

Jill B.


“Working with Gordana was a wonderful experience for me. She helped me to really dig deep and provided a safe space to explore whatever came up for me. I was looking forward to every session to get her support and to enjoy the great atmosphere she created during the calls. She also managed to nudge me into the right direction whenever I needed a little push to move forward. I’m happy I had the chance to share this journey with her.”

Abby B.

United Kingdom

“I enjoyed working with Gordana on her 90 day one-to-one coaching programme. Gordana is a very passionate and dedicated health coach and wasn’t afraid to challenge me when I needed it! She got me to think differently about some of my bad habits and gave me the tools to go away and make positive changes to my lifestyle for the long term.”