Are you ready to get off that burnout treadmill and say 'good bye' to insomnia & fatigue?

Hi, I'm Gordana

I help business professionals and entrepreneurs overcome their known and unknown sources of stress so they can wake up rested and motivated, have more energy throughout the day, and be more productive, without unwanted medication and trying to figure things out by themselves.

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Do you experience

  • poor sleep & fatigue?
  • high levels of stress and brain fog?
  • overwhelm and exhaustion?
  • being nippy, irritable and short tempered?
  • low self-esteem or lack of confidence?
  • self-criticism and self-sabotage?
  • regular sugar cravings?

You might be heading toward burnout...

Wave and peer

And you're not along. This was me, just a few years ago. 

Overworking and underachieving, not feeling appreciated or loved, pushed into a vulnerable state of mind, covering up with nervous laughter and concealing my real feelings. As a high achiever, I felt like a failure.

I did everything an introvert could possibly do, because I believed that when I worked hard enough, I would be respected. But, of course, that didn’t work. No one seemed to have noticed my efforts, and being a people pleaser pulled me away from being who I really was.

Instead, what I really experienced was a whole spectrum of negativity. I found lack of confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety, loneliness, disappointment, dissatisfaction, and physical pain. All this caused enormous emotional, mental and physical stress that eventually led to burnout. While I had a successful career, lots of friends and romantic relationships, my life was far from my dreams.

But I continued to live this lifestyle until I burned out.

Hitting rock bottom was brutal but it was my wake up call.

I knew that that’s the time to take a new direction. It was time to embark on the journey of healing, soul searching, finding purpose and happiness.

It has been a long road, but now I’m in a much better frame of mind and, as a result, I'm able to achieve much more and be positive about my purpose in life.

Being happier, healthier and, most importantly, being myself has taken my life to a whole new level.

I've never felt more liberated and free and that's because 

I found my calling.

Sharing my story does not come easily. I feel vulnerable, wondering if I am being judged. Nevertheless, it’s a step I can take. Being myself, and telling my story helps empower others and helps them make the first step in the right direction.

As a nutritional therapist, a holistic health and life coach, I help people regain control of their personal health through education and awareness. 

I empower my clients to make lifestyle choices that are in favour of their well-being so that they can thrive mentally, physically and spiritually.

If you're a high achiever yourself, tired of living a highly stressful life where you don't seem to find time for self-care, and you want to get over your own Lifestyle Hangover, get in touch with me.

Break free from your own traps, limited beliefs, and live the life you’re meant to be living!

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In this session you will

  • uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having good quality sleep, the energy, the health and well-being you want.
  • develop a powerful vision for what waking up rested, energised and motivated will mean for you and  your life.
  • discover which foods and lifestyle habits are sapping your energy & what to do about it
  • get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals in 10 weeks or less

Learn how I can help you

  • wake up rested and feel energised all day long
  • manage stress better, become stress resilient and feel in control again
  • improve your cognitive function and perform better
  • regain confidence and kick ass
If you want the best for people you love, start looking after yourself first.

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